How Retailers and Brand Owners Can Collaborate to Optimize the Shopper Journey and Boost ROI.



As a retailer, you have a wealth of data about your shoppers, including their buying habits, preferred products, and shopping frequency, thanks to the increasing use of loyalty programs. However, as a brand owner, you are in the dark about these vital pieces of information, relying solely on retailers to create the best offerings for shoppers. This can lead to a disconnect between brand owners and retailers, even though both parties share a common goal: to offer the right products to the right shoppers at the right time and price.

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New strong trio aims to become the number one insight provider for consumer buying behavior in the Nordics.

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effectmanager acquires 1st-Retail and 

effectmanager, has acquired and 1st Retail, the company behind Tilbudsdata. "Our goal is clear. We want to be the number one partner for promotion optimization, analysis, and planning in the Nordics," says Jesper Drachmann, CEO of effectmanager.

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Strategic collaboration with Tilbudsdata and Tilbudsugen

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In 2022, we have chosen to make a strategic collaboration with Tilbudsdata and Tilbudsugen.

Tilbudsdata is one of the most important data sources for many of our customers throughout the Nordics. The reason is the high quality promotions data mapped from all physical and electronic promotions papers throughout the retail landscape.

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A look back at the year that was - news from our CEO

We are approaching the end of 2022. Once again, we have had a year that could not possibly be planned. We all stood at the beginning of the year and looked forward to no longer had to fight with Corona and lockdowns. Despite the hope, it was not long before we had to be on crisis alert again. Energy crisis, shortage of raw materials, and thereby unprecedented inflation, which inevitably resulted in higher prices.

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Why does good business software fail?

Why does good business software fail?


Most businesses today have enormous amount of data available. The issue today is not, how do we get data, the main question today is, how do we use all the data we have, and what should we use it for?

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How to prepare for annual negotiations with retailers in insecure times

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In insecure times it is even more important as a supplier to create value for both your own company and retailers. 

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How you can improve your promotion profit by up to 5% with trade promotion management
The largest operation expenses for FMCG delivering to Retail is the Promotion Costs. Each time a promotion runs, there are direct costs linked with the promotion – as much as 25% of Gross Turnover is paid in Trade Spend to the retailers. Even small adjustments to your trade promotions effectiveness will improve your profit.

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By optimizing your promotions you increase profit and customer relationship

A poorly executed promotion will not only directly impact the company’s bottom line – but also influence your customer’s bottom line. Up to as much as 20% of the potential promotion sales can be lost if you do not have the right product mix, mechanism, etc.. To optimize your trade promotions it is significant to have a data-driven strategy. Improving your trade promotions will result in increased promotion effectiveness.

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How a trade promotion overview will give your 15% more time for planning and analysis
Most Key Account Managers planning trade promotions have an overview of the coming period. It is a request internally from finance, supply, and field force, but also externally from the retailers. Often the overview is in different Excel-sheets, making it difficult to have a complete overview for both historical, present, and future promotions.

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Merry Christmas and happy new year from effectmanager
All of us at effectmanager would like to wish our customers and business partners a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. In 2019 many great things happened for effectmanager, and this positive development will continue in 2020. We will look at all the positive developments of 2019 and take a quick look into 2020.

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