How to prepare for annual negotiations with retailers in insecure times

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In insecure times it is even more important as a supplier to create value for both your own company and retailers. 

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How you can improve your promotion profit by up to 5% with trade promotion management
The largest operation expenses for FMCG delivering to Retail is the Promotion Costs. Each time a promotion runs, there are direct costs linked with the promotion – as much as 25% of Gross Turnover is paid in Trade Spend to the retailers. Even small adjustments to your trade promotions effectiveness will improve your profit.

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By optimizing your promotions you increase profit and customer relationship

A poorly executed promotion will not only directly impact the company’s bottom line – but also influence your customer’s bottom line. Up to as much as 20% of the potential promotion sales can be lost if you do not have the right product mix, mechanism, etc.. To optimize your trade promotions it is significant to have a data-driven strategy. Improving your trade promotions will result in increased promotion effectiveness.

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How a trade promotion overview will give your 15% more time for planning and analysis
Most Key Account Managers planning trade promotions have an overview of the coming period. It is a request internally from finance, supply, and field force, but also externally from the retailers. Often the overview is in different Excel-sheets, making it difficult to have a complete overview for both historical, present, and future promotions.

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Merry Christmas and happy new year from effectmanager
All of us at effectmanager would like to wish our customers and business partners a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. In 2019 many great things happened for effectmanager, and this positive development will continue in 2020. We will look at all the positive developments of 2019 and take a quick look into 2020.

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New CEO and strategy
In August 2019 Jesper Drachmann passed on the leadership of effectmanager to Jan Meldgaard. Jesper has spent the last seven years building effectmanager. Now, effectmanager is ready to move to the next phase, where Jesper has stepped into the board and passed on the leadership to Jan. Along with our new CEO Jan Meldgaard, effectmanager also implements a new growth strategy. Meet Jan and read more about our new strategy.

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JUNE 2019

New system updates 
With the recent update of effectmanager, we have released some optimizations and new smart features to the solution. Here we are highlighting two of our new features. First, we have made changes to the Assortment List, which makes it even more applicable, and second, we want to present the new POS data sources.

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APRIL 2019

Welcome new customers
At effectmanager we would like to warmly welcome all new customers and can proudly announce one old cooperation, that has grown even closer. 
We are always glad to welcome new customers to the community. It helps us and our system evolve.  

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Holiday Greetings

From all of us at effectmanager to all our customers and business partners – we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We would like to look back at a great 2018 and take a quick look at 2019. 

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Welcome to!

As our business grows to include more international customers, and with them the need for a more common language, we decided to move to an English website on a .com address. Rest assured, our Danish roots and dedication continue through this new platform, and we hope you welcome this change as much as we do.

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