Blog 5


A look back at the year that was - news from our CEO

We are approaching the end of 2022. Once again, we have had a year that could not possibly be planned. We all stood at the beginning of the year and looked forward to no longer had to fight with Corona and lockdowns. Despite the hope, it was not long before we had to be on crisis alert again. Energy crisis, shortage of raw materials, and thereby unprecedented inflation, which inevitably resulted in higher prices.

It quickly became clear that consumers would react by going more for promoted items and the chains' private labels.

We could feel that effectmanager and similar tools would be necessary if you had to optimize your forecast, ensure that you had the right goods on the shelves, and create trade promotions with the best return on investment. 

This new world was also the fundamental reason why I decided to return to effectmanager. After 3.5 years as a partner in Implement Consulting Group, where I have helped brands and retail chains throughout Europe, it was time to use those skills to help the customers who already use effectmanager today.


I returned almost exactly 10 years after I started the company with the clear mission that I would help grocery suppliers and chains to work better together and achieve a mutually profitable business.

All of you who are in the process of or have just finished your annual negotiations with the chains will think that I am not quite there yet, but that is the mission on which the company is built, and we are not giving up.


We have made 3 major steps in 2022, all of which will be of great importance to effectmanager and our customers in the future.

1) We decided to build a PowerBi universe that is not expensive or complicated, but something that everyone can use and benefit from.

2) We have made a strategic collaboration with Tilbudsdata and Tilbudsugen.

3) We moved into new offices, with one of the strongest players among our customers, Relation Media, which offers a wide range of products that complement effectmanager well.


The goal of these 3 big news in 2022 is that we can offer our customers an even stronger platform, where they can easily and clearly become even better at running a strong FMCG business in 2023 and beyond, where data and skills to turning it into usable knowledge will be the key to better trade with the chains in the future.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to continue our partnership in 2023.

See you all in 2023.