Merry Christmas and happy new year from effectmanager
All of us at effectmanager would like to wish our customers and business partners a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. In 2019 many great things happened for effectmanager, and this positive development will continue in 2020. We will look at all the positive developments of 2019 and take a quick look into 2020.

A thank you to all of our customers
In 2019 we welcomed four new customers to effectmanager Retail Partner, Aquador, Fazer, and Nupo.
We would like to thank all existing and new customers for using effectmanager. You give us great feedback, which inspires us to challenge status quo and push us to always become better. We are excited to see what 2020 will bring. Below Jan will give his perspective on 2020 in effectmanager.

Upgrading our support - the effectmanager Knowledge Base
To improve our well-functioning Support, we have added a Knowledge Base to our support structure. In the knowledge base, it is easy to get to know more about the different functions of effectmanager and find recommendations for besting using effectmanager. A new user of effectmanager will have great use of this, to quickly learn more about the system, and become superusers. Our development of the Knowledge base has just started with the publication of 125 article. In 2020 we will continue to develop it and launch new articles. With the addition of the Knowledge Base, we are sure that we can assist our customers even better in 2020.

New user-inspired features in 2019
New Key Figures in the cube: In collaboration with customers, we have developed new Key Figures for our POS cube. With these new Key Figures, our customers can now make even better reports based on the wholesaler's actual POS data. Some of the new Key Figures are developed for the yearly negotiation with the wholesalers. We are confident that our customers will inspire us to develop tools for even better reporting in 2020.

New POS sources: By popular requests from customers, we have added even more POS sources to our data handling portfolio. With POS data from the biggest retailers joined in one reporting tool in effectmanager, it is easy for our customers to get valuable data on consumer behavior. We are sure that in 2020, we will add even more POS sources to the portfolio.This provides our customers with better insight into consumer behavior and demand. New POS 2019

New features to the Assortment list: The Assortment list was made even more presentable in 2019. The Assortment List in the Report Module of effectmanager is an Assortment List for a customer based on desired criteria. With the improvements made together with customers, it is now even easier for Field Force to present a Mix Pallet to the customer, and it provides a great overview of the unit they are buying for a promotion. We are sure, that together with our customers we will develop and add even more new features to effectmanager in 2020.
To see a quick presentation of the Assortment List, watch our 40-second video below.  

2020 perspective from the CEO
Our effectmanager Trade Promotion Management solution and POS data handling is a powerful platform for business insights. In 2020 we will continue to strengthen our solid business model and platform.

Our customers and business partners can expect from us that we will keep improving our new Knowledge base where the overall objective is to be best in practice.

We will develop and launch new features and Key Figures in our Trade promotion and POS platform, focusing on the new features being visually uncomplicated with Dashboards and PowerBI solutions.

We will increase our communication with our customers and business partners, but also with possible new customers. You will see a lot more from effectmanager in your inbox and on LinkedIn.

"I am looking forward to 2020, where we will continue our journey with a sense of respect for our effectmanager DNA, where we are a serious, innovative, and competent business partner." Jan Meldgaard, CEO effectmanager


From all of us at effectmanager, we wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

See you all in 2020.


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