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JUNE 2019

New system updates 
With the recent update of effectmanager, we have released some optimizations and new smart features to the solution. Here we are highlighting two of our new features. First, we have made changes to the Assortment List, which makes it even more applicable, and second, we want to present the new POS data sources.

Assortment List update
In 2017 we introduced the Assortment List in the Report Module of effectmanager. Using this report in effectmanager, you can make an Assortment List for your customers based on your desired criteria like Customer, Assortment Code, Category, Brand, and many others.

In the Assortment List columns, you can include/exclude the data you wish to provide in the Assortment List. From Product Name and Picture to Inn Price and Gross Margin. With this report, we have made it easy to make a presentable Assortment List for your Field Force to use in the store or for your Key Account Manager to present to your customer.

With the most recent release, we have updated the Assortment List with a new feature, which makes it even more presentable. Now you can open the Mix Pallet Units on the Assortment List to the lowest level, showing the products that the unit consists of. This new feature makes it easier for the Field Force to present a Mix Pallet to the customer, and it provides a great overview of the unit they are buying for a promotion. To see a quick presentation of the Assortment List, watch our 40-second video below.  

HubSpot Video

18 POS data sources in  4 different countries
As effectmanager grows, so does our solution. With our latest update to effectmanager, we have added two new Point of Sales data sources – Tokmanni in Finland and Rema1000 in Norway. With our most recent added POS sources, we now offer eighteen POS sources in four different countries across Europe. 

POS Flags


With POS data from the biggest retailers joined in one reporting tool, it is easy to get valuable data on consumer behavior. Tracking sales performance in each store each day through Excel or PowerBI makes it easier to measure your performance and ensure that you can react faster to changes in demand. By utilizing the same data as the retailers, you can help them improve consumer sales based on your analysis or insights. Building valuable insight on that data, combined with your detailed market knowledge and product expertise gives you a trustworthy relationship with the retailers.


From all of us at effectmanager, we hope you will have a great summer. 


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